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1. Legal Compliance Audit


We offer legal compliance audit services like periodical audit to verify, check and confirm compliance by statutory laws including rules, guidelines, notifications and any amendments related to company laws, banking laws, property laws, securities laws, commercial laws, constitutional laws, consumer laws etc. Our efficient team is capable to provide these services on time.


S. Dutt & Co. has facilitated a French IT Company in Opening their office in India

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2. Infrastructure Projects


Finances are the backbone for the growth of every organization whether big or small. With the concept of universal Banking taking roots in the system and relaxations permitted by RBI from time to time, Commercial Banks have shown enthusiasm in participating in this specialized field of financing.


Project financing is a technique that has been used to fund the corporate projects. Around the world, project financing is emerging as more preferred alternative to conventional methods of financing infrastructure and other large-scale projects.

S Dutt & Co. helps and counsels its clients on projects ranging from infrastructure & construction, oil and gas production plants, mining, power, energy, airport, telecommunications, hospitals, real estate and the like.

S. Dutt & Co. also conduct the extensive "due diligence" that may be necessary in order to provide the opinions desired.

Our project finance team has extensive experience helping client finance and develop infrastructure projects in all major industries.

Our lawyers can structure, negotiate and document the full array of project and financing agreements to suit your specific needs.

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The services provide by S Dutt & Co. in the area are:

• Preliminary evaluation and due diligence

• Rafting, reviewing and negotiating project documents, term sheets, financing agreements and security documents

• Overseeing the disbursement process, including satisfaction of conditions of disbursement

• Advising during operational period


3. JVs, Mergers Acquisition

• Legal Issues In Joint Ventures, Mergers and Acquisitions - Presentation Transcript

• Legal & Regulatory Issues in Cross Border Investments: What Corporate Legal Counsel Should Know?


Law & Economic Policies

All Laws have their roots in Economic Policies, the Social Structures and Economic Background of a Country Laws & Economic Policies are not Divorced from each other Laws are enacted to implement Economic Policies & Economy is managed by the instrumentality of law Law codifies social values Business has to function within the ambit of Economic Policies & Laws enacted to give effect to these What should be done?

Have a background check on the economic & political scenario of a country – chances are you will get a fair idea about the prevalent investment & business laws & where they are headed Check ‘whether the laws are more of a restrictors rather than facilitators of trade & business?

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Check for past trends in changes in regulatory policies & laws Cross Border Investments: 2 Fold Analysis. To Analyze the Cross-Border Investment Feasibility the following two aspects need to be considered:

• Legal & Regulatory Parameters of the Investor’s Country

• Legal & Regulatory Feasibility For a Cross Border Investment Project Legal Framework in Investor’s Country Legal Framework

• Investee’s Country Cross Border Investments: 2 Fold Analysis

• Tax Laws & DTAA implications

• Market Practices on Commercial, Corporate Transactional & Trans-national documentation


Regulatory approvals Post Investment compliances Inbound & Outbound FDI laws Securities & Stock Exchange laws M&A laws &Takeover Codes Company laws/statutes Foreign Exchange Management/Remittance laws Yardstick to Analyze the Previous Mentioned Considerations Repatriation of Profits – Key to FDI Repatriation of Profits No one wants to invest in a country from where they cannot take their profits back home.


The domestic rates of taxation as well as rates of taxation in the invested country need to be considered Structures that can let the company derive the benefit of DTAA’s need to be considered Making Joint Ventures ‘a Mission Possible’ Choosing Right Work Partners Joint Ventures – Key Concepts .


A joint venture is a business relationship between two or more parties, who undertake an economic activity together Different Forms of JVs Equity Joint Ventures Contractual/ Unincorporated JVs Special Purpose Vehicles Pre-requisites of a Joint Venture Agreement Identification and screening of a prospective partner Development of a detailed business plan & short listing a set of prospective partners.


Due Diligence of the Project & the JV Partner Ascertainment of the value of assets being contributed to the joint venture Negotiations about the Acquisition Price & Terms, including Capital Structure, plus Management Plan after take over Points to be Discussed & Added in JV Agreement The project or object of the JV Capital structure of the company Compensation to the members that provide services Allocation of revenues & expenses from the project . The contribution, role & involvement of each co-venturer The provisions for management & performance of JV obligations Chief Executive Officer Determination of financial policy of the company Marketing arrangements The term for which the JV will exist Change in capital structure & exit options.


The Cross Border Acquisition Process A Summary of Discussions So Far Negotiations On Final Agreement & Execution Of A Formal Agreement Along With Formation of a J.V. Company Or Share Acquisition & Other Transaction Closing Formalities Formal Due -Diligence Signing of LOI Term Sheet Approaching.


The Most Suitable JV Partner & Informal Negotiations Informal Due - Diligence Identification of Prospective Business Partners Identification of Business Opportunities in a Country.

4. NRI Services


Our firm’s main effort is to provide an ease and comfort to NRI's and PIO's for all there issues in India. S. Dutt & Co. is having operating a separate cell which is supported by professionals’ to provide a single window service to NRIs / PIOs for all their legal and investment issues in India. Hence, the NRI’s/PIO shall be provided all kinds of legal opinion, investment advises, guidance and help by S. Dutt & Co., Solicitors & Advocates, throughout the year. Such services may be of following nature:


• Legal opinion & guidance on any concerned matter including Inheritance/Succession, Mutation, will,

• Marriage/Divorce, Preventive Reliefs, Grant of Lease, Taxation, Real Estate, and Investment etc.

• Co-ordinate with the Govt. Authorities if the need may arise or if requested to.

• Put forward your demands or needs before the concerned Authorities.

• Correspond with you regarding the progress of your work and send you legal news, which may be relevant for you.

• Render prompt advice to shape the matters in such a way that no legal complications arise in the future.

• For those who are willing to invest we shall provide various services starting from locating the land to liaison and

• Representation of a legal matter before the Court or any other Legal /Administrative Body.

• Hand over the complete office with manpower, as are required.

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We can handle complete litigation and documentation; help transferring funds globally within a legal framework, Help in mergers/ acquisitions by providing guidance in legal, financial and taxation matters.